November 24, 2015

" radio services for audiences in North Korea and radio and digital services for Ethiopia and Eritrea."

BBC The government is to invest £85m a year in enhancing BBC services around the world including in Russia, North Korea, the Middle East and Africa.

'The money is to help "build the global reach of the World Service" to half a billion people and "increase access to news and information". Director general Tony Hall said he "warmly welcomed" the announcement. The government will provide £34m between 2016-17 and £85m a year from 2017-18 for digital, TV and radio. The next review of this funding will be in 2020.

'Details of which languages the BBC will broadcast in to Ethiopia and Eritrea will be announced later. The BBC will also expand TV, radio and digital offerings in Somalia, India, Nigeria and Thailand. A TV service will be added to the existing service for Somalia.

'For Nigeria, a digital service will be started in Pidgin and Yoruba. "Pidgin is a popular language among young people in Nigeria and across West Africa," said Liliane Landor, controller of languages at the World Service.

'It will also help boost digital and TV services for Russian speakers, both in Russia and the surrounding communities.'

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