November 12, 2015

"...if you have a smart home, Echo can turn off your lights and integrate with other smart technology."

Robotics Trends Bob Paradiso, however, wondered if he “could push Echo’s utility a little further.” By Steve Crowe

'He certainly did. In the video above, you’ll see Paradiso turned an electric wheelchair into a voice-controlled wheelchair using Echo, a Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno.

'Echo thinks it’s turning lights on and off, but it’s really controlling the wheelchair. Paradiso says, “Alexa, turn on left 4” and the wheelchair spins. He then says, “Alexa, turn on forward 4” and the wheelchair moves forward.'

Paradiso has more info here:

"I was curious if you could push Echo’s utility a little further, and it turns out there are many different methods that allow you to do that. Of course they all have different tradeoffs in terms of setup time, financial cost, ease of use, etc. Here’s the result of using one such method to control a power wheelchair.

"This post gives some background and method but does not attempt to be a full how-to, nor is it actually showing off a fully implemented solution. However parts of it do work pretty well and may spark some ideas. There are many other voice controlled wheelchair solutions available, both professional and DIY. This project was done specifically to gain experience and learn more about using Amazon Echo."

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