November 18, 2015

Hall Thruster

The Hall Thruster Experiment (HTX) was established in 1999.

'The research objectives of the HTX are: Control of spatial distribution of plasma parameters in order to reduce beam divergence in the thruster channel and plume. Scaling of Hall thrusters to low (tens W) and high power (tens kW) levels. Understanding of physics involved in operation of Hall thrusters and crossed field plasma devices in general:

1 Electron transport across magnetic field
2 Plasma-wall interactions
3 Plasma instabilities and their control
4 Limitations of magnetic insulation in plasmas with magnetized electrons and non-magnetized ions

'Interaction of high flux plasma jets with different targets (magnetic field, plasma and solid). Exploring of new configurations of crossed field plasma devices for space, scientific and industrial applications. Study of steady state electrical discharge in crossed field devices under various pressures and gases. Measurements of secondary electron emission properties of dielectric materials in low electron energy range. Applications of ferro-electric materials for efficient ionization and control of plasma-wall interaction in plasma sources.'

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