September 21, 2015

"Xi will not be dining with Microsoft’s Bill Gates at his mansion, despite numerous reports that that would happen, according to several people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

Washington Post This city is supposed to offer a soft landing for Chinese leaders at the start of U.S. visits. It’s why for decades they’ve stopped here to shake hands, visit a factory (usually Boeing’s) and generate some friendly press — Washington state’s largest export market is China — before heading off to deal with thornier matters. By Todd C. Frankel

'On Tuesday, President Xi Jinping of China will follow tradition when his plane touches down here on a seven-day U.S. tour, which will include a formal state dinner at the White House on Thursday followed by a major speech at the United Nations.

'But this soft landing is looking a bit rough.

'Tensions between the two nations are running high, with disputes over computer hacking, cyber-plundering and limits on U.S. firms’ access to Chinese markets. In recent weeks, the Obama administration privately debated unleashing economic sanctions on Chinese businesses for cyber-theft of U.S. intellectual property. Sanctions hitting before Xi arrived would have tarnished the trip. And although the sanctions were delayed, the ill will was not.

'Suspicion now hangs over even ordinary events, such as a Chinese American Internet summit set to occur during Xi’s visit to Seattle, with accusations that Chinese officials strong-armed U.S. tech titans into attending.'

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