September 17, 2015

"Japanese legislators who want to protect the country’s 70-year tradition of pacifism resorted to violence today (Sept. 17) to defend their ideals."

Quartz Photos of a violent scuffle in a legislative committee meeting this morning reveal the depth of controversy in Japan over a new security bill. by Caitlin Hu

'The measure, backed by prime minister Shinzo Abe and his ruling coalition, would expand Japan’s Self Defense Forces’ mandate, allowing it to assist overseas allies. Since 1947, when the country’s post World War Two constitution was enacted, Japan’s military has been restricted to acting only in cases of self-defense.

'According to the BBC, this apparent shift toward remilitarization is not supported by the majority of Japanese.

'In an ultimately futile attempt to prevent a vote from taking place, opposition lawmakers mobbed committee chairman Yoshitada Konoike, and deputy chairman Masahisa Sato. The bill was approved anyway, and is headed to the parliament’s upper chamber for a final vote.'

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