September 17, 2015

"... images posted on Weibo of a woman covered in blood and a note suggesting she was a zombie were fake."

NY Times Scenes straight out of pulp magazines lurk in the back alleys of Chinese social media, where they can quickly find an eager following and, almost as quickly, earn a rebuke from skittish authorities. By AUSTIN RAMZY

'Science fiction and fantasy tales have been growing in popularity in China, where some creative efforts have earned official endorsement. Vice President Li Yuanchao met this week with authors — including Liu Cixin, who wrote the Hugo Award-winning novel “The Three-Body Problem” — and called on them to inspire young people’s interest in science and encourage “faith in realizing the Chinese Dream,” the state news agency Xinhua reported.

'But even as the Chinese leadership offered praise for the writers, the police have been less tolerant of social media users’ flexing their creativity. Several people have been punished for relaying tales of the walking undead and extraterrestrial invaders for fear of touching off public panic.

'[For example] in 2014, photos emerged showing a Gollum-like creature kneeling in a rocky ravine with a message declaring that it was a “mythical beast” discovered in the Huairou District of Beijing. The local police said the images were merely candid pictures of an actor in a film who was photographed going to the bathroom while in costume, the website of People’s Daily reported.'

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