September 21, 2015

"Cyberespionage for economic gain by China is putting 'enormous strain' on U.S.-China relations and needs to stop, President Barack Obama's national security adviser said Monday."

The Province Susan Rice was speaking on relations between the two world powers at George Washington University ahead of a high-profile state visit this week by Chinese President Xi Jinping. By Matthew Pennington via The Associated Press

'Rice urged China to join the U.S. in promoting responsible forms of state behaviour in cyberspace. She said it would be a "critical factor" in determining trajectory of US-China ties.

'"This isn't a mild irritation; it's an economic and national security concern to the United States. It puts enormous strain on our bilateral relationship," Rice said.

'Hacking attacks on U.S. companies and government agencies have become a growing source of tension ahead of the visit by Xi, who will meet Obama on Friday.

'"We want a business climate where intellectual property rights and trade secrets are respected, not stolen," Rice said.'

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