September 21, 2015

"As U.S. and Chinese leaders reportedly negotiate red lines in cyberspace, there is a hacker troop build-up playing out in their respective countries."

Defense One It is believed China’s People’s Liberation Army has the deeper bench, with an estimated 100,000 code warriors recruited over the past two decades, and the world’s most powerful supercomputer. by Aliya Sternstein

'By comparison, U.S. Cyber Command started from near-scratch in 2010 and wants to reach a force size of 6,200 by 2016.

'But it’s anyone’s guess as to which cyber military has the most aptitude.

'“As we have continued to grow the cyber mission force, we’re getting the right numbers of people,” said Vice Adm. Jan Tighe, commander of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command. “Whether we are getting the right people is still yet to be determined,”

'The Pentagon is deploying the recruits immediately, anyway, because the threat has arrived.

'“We are using teams that are pre-[initial operating capability] and we can’t wait for them to be necessarily fully trained, fully equipped, when there is an adversary that needs to be dealt with inside of our networks,” she said.'

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