August 07, 2015

Zhang Panpan: “I wish to present the book’s Chinese characteristics, especially our unique world views and life philosophies inherited from thousands of years of history.”

Quartz Xi Jinping and SAPRFT, which oversees China’s entertainment industry, provide financial incentives and lip service to the film industry. by Josh Horwitz

'But the government expects studios to produce films that play up Chinese culture in a way that fits the reigning political narrative. Judging by comments from director Zhang Panpan, the The Three-Body Problem will likely contain a whiff of the party line on Chinese politics and history.

'Chinese film studios have wrapped up production of The Three-Body Problem, an adaptation of a popular sci-fi novel about an alien invasion that takes place during the Cultural Revolution. The three-part series that it’s the first part of has sold more than a million copies in China—unusually high popularity for the genre in China. In November 2014, the first book was translated into English and published in the United States by Tor Books.

'The film will be the first of a five-part series co-produced by Alibaba Pictures and Yoozoo pictures, both relatively new players in China’s film industry. Each feature is reported to have a budget of 200 million yuan (about US$32 million), and the first feature is to hit theaters in July 2016.'

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