August 22, 2015

"What does one do with a defunct salt mine dating back to the middle ages? Build an amusement park in it, apparently."

AWOL At least, that’s the concept behind Salina Turda, a museum and tourist attraction located in the Transylvania region of Romania and built into what began as a salt mine in the year 1075. by Sofia Softky

'As a mine, the Salina Turda was fully operational for several centuries until 1932, after which it was used to store cheeses (which seems weirdly perfect). Then, in 1992, the man-made cavern was converted into a subterranean amusement park complete with fairground classics like mini golf, bowling, a Ferris wheel and a carousel – even an otherworldly underground lake for visitors to paddle around in row boats.

'Tourists enter the park via an elevator built into centuries-old vertical shafts that used to transport miners, and are slowly lowered 120 metres into the earth. On the trip down, they can admire the eerie beauty of the mine itself – the shimmering, marbled texture of the cavern walls, stark lighting and futuristic design give the Salina Turda the space-age look of a colony built inside an asteroid.

'Not feeling the carnival rides? Pay a visit to Salina Turda Spa, located for the incredible air quality (and resulting health benefits) of the ancient mine. The cavern has a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity, but the air in the cavern is also some of the cleanest on earth because the surrounding minerals keep it free of allergens and bacteria, making it an asthmatic’s paradise. Fun for you, and your wheezy friends.'

Salina Turda photos here

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