August 05, 2015

"The latest forecast from the typhoon center shows the storm making landfall in Taiwan Friday with winds estimated at 144 mph, equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane."

USA Today Food, water, cots, generators and other federal emergency supplies were rushed Tuesday from Hawaii and Guam to help Saipan after Typhoon Soudelor blasted through the tiny U.S. island in the Western Pacific. by John Bacon and Doyle Rice

'After hitting the island, the typhoon strengthened into the Earth’s most powerful storm of 2015 — equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, with sustained winds of 180 mph — as it continued Monday across the Pacific Ocean. By Tuesday evening Soudelor was downgraded from a super typhoon with winds around 130 mph, and gusts of 161 mph — equal to a Category 4 storm, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center said.

'The typhoon was taking aim at Taiwan, China and some of Japan's southern islands, though it's expected to weaken even further by the time it reaches land, the center said.

'"There is growing concern that Taiwan and the southern Ryukyu Islands will have to contend with Soudelor as early as Thursday night or Friday with impacts lasting into early next week across eastern China," AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister said.'

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