August 08, 2015

"Chinese commentators caution that Trump, with his hilarious commentary and extensive financial resources, might end up surprising people."

Washington Post China is a favorite punching bag of Trump’s, a jumping-off point for the Republican presidential candidate to emphasize his tough-minded negotiating skills and criticize Obama for having a feeble foreign policy. By Ana Swanson

'"I beat China all the time," Trump has said.

'The Chinese have begun taking notice. While most Chinese people still seem to be unaware of who Trump is, a growing number of people in the Chinese media and on social media are discussing the baffling political figure.

'Chinese comments center on Trump’s real estate empire, his wealth, his loud-mouthed commentary, and, of course, his hair, the fascination with which appears to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. "This guy's hair's so strange. I thought it was Photoshopped at first," one Chinese social media user wrote.

'Commenting on Trump’s statement that he would change his hair if he were elected president, one Chinese Internet user writes, “Can you change your head, too?”'

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