August 25, 2015

"As questions continue to dog Mrs. Clinton about her use of a private email account, a spotlight has landed on Ms. Abedin, the aide so often at her side that she has been called Mrs. Clinton’s 'surrogate daughter'."

NY Times Ms. Abedin’s own emails on her boss’s private server have drawn increasingly intense scrutiny — as has an arrangement she made to earn income privately while she worked for Mrs. Clinton at the State Department. By MAGGIE HABERMAN, AMY CHOZICK and STEVE EDER

'Ms. Abedin was on Mrs. Clinton’s personal payroll, and her other outside employers were the Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a consulting firm co-founded by Douglas J. Band, a former counselor to former President Bill Clinton.

'When that arrangement was first revealed more than two years ago, political opponents including Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa and chairman of the Judiciary Committee, raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest. But those quieted until the email controversy provided a new opening — and the potential for new information to be unearthed.

'In a recent letter to the State Department, Mr. Grassley suggested that Ms. Abedin, at Mr. Band’s request, may have asked Mrs. Clinton to urge President Obama to give a White House appointment to a Teneo client, Judith Rodin, the head of the Rockefeller Foundation.

'Conservative groups like Judicial Watch and Citizens United have also applied pressure through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and other measures to press the State Department to make public Ms. Abedin’s emails and employment records.

'Those records, they argue, could give clarity about Ms. Abedin’s outside work and whether, as critics contend, it converged with her official duties. (Ms. Abedin’s lawyers say she has cooperated completely with all requests made in the lawsuits.)'

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