July 19, 2015

"Yang Mu is a prominent Taiwanese poet, essayist, critic, and translator and was winner of the 2013 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature."

Asia Society He is the author of more than two dozen prose and poetry collections and has taught at the University of Washington and National Donghua University. by Tim Lau

'Earlier this year, Yang published the English translation of his autobiographical essay collection Memories of Mount Qilai: The Education of a Young Poet. The essays are largely focused on the author’s childhood in Hualien, on the Pacific coast of eastern Taiwan. These personal narratives also tell the story of Taiwan’s extensive social, political, and cultural changes in the twentieth century.

'In your writing, you reflect on your interactions with Hualien’s indigenous people during your childhood. What do those encounters mean to you?

'The experience I had with the indigenous people during my childhood is indelible, and in fact, I have always taken it as something to cherish and be proud of. The few passages I devote to describing them and their culture, as I can remember now, tell of my impressions of them from early childhood, and my lasting admiration.'

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