July 14, 2015

“What happened in China during the weekend is really quite devastating. Someone has to put a stop to what is happening there and I think perhaps we can start with Obama taking a stand against it.”

Guardian Activists are urging Barack Obama to cancel an upcoming visit from the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, after more than 145 human rights lawyers and campaigners were detained in China as part of a rapidly intensifying campaign against civil society. by Tom Phillips

'A petition sent to the White House website said: “Since Xi Jinping came to power, China’s human rights record has kept worsening.

'“Xi’s state visit to the US scheduled for September this year should be cancelled, and all official exchanges with the Chinese government should be suspended until this matter is resolved.”

'Wen Yunchao, a prominent pro-democracy blogger who has backed the campaign, said: “The US and the West have a moral responsibility to react to China’s crackdown.

'“The US is the only power in the world that can counterbalance China. So we hope Obama’s administration will take a new decision on Xi’s state visit.”

'The petition, which has gathered nearly 1,500 of the 100,000 signatures required to receive an official response, was launched after Chinese security officials began what activists have called an unprecedented offensive against human rights lawyers, dozens of whom have been detained in less than a week.'

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