July 11, 2015

"This means the terrorist threat to China will persist beyond the current generation of terrorists."

South China Morning Post Terror group Islamic State has released a propaganda video in which an 80-year-old cleric from Xinjiang calls on Muslims in the mainland province to join IS and fight against the "Chinese infidels".

'The cleric, named in some reports as Muhammed Amin, claims to have once been an imam at a mosque in Xinjiang. He says he joined Islamic State in Syria after learning his son had died fighting for the group.

'The 21-minute tape, uploaded to the internet last month, appears to have been released from Aleppo in Syria.

'The video also shows a classroom full of Uygur boys dressed in headgear bearing the black-and-white IS logo. One of the boys points to the IS flag as he pledges: "O Chinese infidels … we will come to you and raise this flag in Turkestan." Turkestan is the name Uygurs give to Xinjiang.

'The 80-year-old cleric, who speaks in a Turkic language, does not say when he arrived in Syria but says he came with his four grandsons, daughter and wife as he longed to be in a place where Islam was practised and he could fight for the Islamic cause.

'The cleric, who appears to be a symbolic leader of the Uygurs in IS, says he was trained for combat. "I went to training camp, and I crawled, I ran and I rolled. I did almost everything and ended training camp well," he says.'

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