July 16, 2015

"Take for example, the Japanese word kokoro, shin — which translated means heart, mind or spirit in English."

Times With a few strokes of the brush, Japanese writers can sometimes articulate great truths more succinctly than our greatest literary masterpieces. by Jerrilyn Zavada

'I think that's why I've always felt an affinity in my heart for Eastern philosophy. It is profound, yet simple. Reading the Chinese Tao Te Ching and soaking in its wisdom, it is easy to walk away and say, "Of course!" Anyway, back to kokoro, shin.

'No matter how you say it, and there are countless languages that try, spirit — which is as unique to each one of us as our DNA — transcends culture, nationality and religion.

'For those who follow the tenets of any given faith, their Scriptures might speak to them in a way another's Scriptures might speak to someone else.'

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