July 18, 2015

"Preventing the abuse of the law is as important as enforcement."

Xinhua That's why China, which is working hard to improve its legal system, must lock up lawyers who break their vows.

'Western media and critics have focused on the recent arrest of several lawyers and their assistants in China.

'There are various interpretations of the so-called "crackdown" in which the suspects have been portrayed as rights activists and victims. But the most straightforward reason has been conveniently left out. That is, lawyers or not, they are suspected of breaking certain laws.

'In the available police accounts of what the suspects did, there was one particularly disturbing thing: the lawyers were suspected of sponsoring and organizing protests supporting their clients, often outside the courtroom and on social media, during the course of their trials.

'Participants in the protests were allegedly paid and Internet campaigns were carefully planned and carried out from the time they took up a sensitive case.

'Even from a layman's perspective, such conduct is very close to blackmailing a court into a favorable verdict through the pressure of media and public opinion.'

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