July 01, 2015

"On Monday, a volcanic oscillation, which is a sign of underground movement of magma and hot water, continued for five minutes from 7:32 a.m. for the first time since late April, when Mount Hakone’s hot-spring district started to actively vent steam."

Japan Times Authorities on Tuesday raised the volcano alert for Mount Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, restricting access to the area after a small eruption at the popular tourist site. via Reuters

'The Meteorological Agency said it confirmed volcanic ash was emitted from the area, which has been venting unusual amounts of steam in recent months.

'The agency said the ash deposits indicate that a small eruption occurred between Monday evening and Tuesday.

'Mount Hakone, about 80 km south of Tokyo, last erupted between the late 12th century and 13th century, according to experts.'

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