July 12, 2015

"More than 100 Chinese lawyers issued a joint statement on Friday to protest Wang's arrest. Many of them have since been detained, rights groups said."

News 24 Chinese authorities have widened a crackdown on human rights groups, detaining or questioning more than 50 lawyers and activists in a sweep over the past few days, rights groups say. via Reuters

'Citing the need to buttress national security and stability, President Xi Jinping's administration has tightened government control over almost every aspect of civil society since 2012.

'In recent years, the government has detained dozens of Chinese for dissent and Tibetans and Uighurs have complained of rights abuses, prompting criticism from the US.

'Amnesty International said on Saturday at least 52 lawyers and activists from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou had been detained or questioned over the previous 48 hours.'

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