July 26, 2015

"Members of Chaukath repeatedly complained of being treated as a spectacle even before the Hindu mob attacked them."

The Record “The park—which should be a public space for all genders, classes and ethnicities—is today a space mostly used by men. First, we became a spectacle, then victim,” said Kala Rai, a member of Chaukath who thought the police, too, acted unequally by prodding them to leave."

'“Our meeting wasn’t about religion, but even if it were, given that Nepal is a secular country, the public space belongs to all religions,” Rai added.

'Later, at The City Museum, where the discussion continued until 9 p.m., Rai faced another predicament thousands of women in Kathmandu face everyday.

'“It’s dark already, and I’m scared of going home after it gets dark,” she said, and sighed.'


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