July 08, 2015

"Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that hacking by countries such as China and Iran posed a broad threat to US security and business, and the federal government had not done enough to protect US information."

DNA "It's not only the Chinese. We know that other governments - Russia, North Korea, Iran - have either directly or indirectly sponsored hacking," said the former secretary of state during a campaign stop in Iowa, a key state in deciding the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. "And we worry about terrorist organizations getting access to the capacity." via Reuters

'Clinton, who is under fire for using a private server and email account when she was the top U.S. diplomat, said her worries started when she encountered as secretary "the grave concerns that a lot of American businesses had that their most confidential information was being vacuumed up through intrusive hacking."

'"The United States, both our government and the private sector, have to recognize this is a serious threat," she said. "We've been trying to get a good plan going forward. We're making a little bit of progress on that in the Congress. For me, it's not enough."'

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