July 29, 2015

"Boosting Turkish exports to China is also likely to be high on Erdogan's agenda, with Turkey running a large trade deficit with the world's second-largest economy, according to official Chinese statistics."

Gulf Today Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan headed for China on Wednesday having secured Nato's backing for Ankara's fight against Daesh, but facing tensions with Beijing over China's mostly Muslim Uighur minority. via Agence France-Presse

'Ankara is expanding a cross-border campaign against the Daesh in Syria, and also attacking positions of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in northern Iraq after deadly attacks inside Turkey.

'At the same time China blames separatists for violence in the Uighur homeland of Xinjiang, while Turkey has repeatedly expressed concerns about Beijing's treatment of the minority, who speak a Turkic language.

'Erdogan — who meets Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday — in 2009 accused Beijing of “genocide” in the region, and the gap between Chinese and Turkish views of the Uighurs are likely to complicate the discussions.

'They engaged in a public spat this year over Uighurs who fled China to seek refuge in Thailand, with Turkey offering them shelter against Beijing's wishes.'

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