June 29, 2015

Wu Gan charged...

Saudi Gazette Chinese authorities have formally arrested and charged a prominent rights activist who had called for official accountability over what he said were miscarriages of justice, his lawyer said on Monday. via Reuters

'Wu Gan, a burly 43-year-old online free speech advocate, was charged with causing a disturbance, defamation and “inciting subversion of state power,” his lawyer Yan Wenxin said.

'Wu, better known by his online moniker “Super Vulgar Butcher,” was detained in May. Earlier that month on Twitter, he had called for official accountability after a police officer shot and killed a civilian in northeastern Heilongjiang province. The incident stirred outrage among many Chinese over what they saw as abuse of power.

'The arrest comes amid what rights groups say is the most severe crackdown on human rights in decades in China. The clampdown has drawn censure from the West and activists, who say the ruling Communist Party has grown increasingly intolerant of moderate dissent.'

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