June 07, 2015

"...unease over China’s rise and the consequent US push to create a coalition to check Beijing’s expanding influence."

Malaysia Chronicle China’s drive to expand its influence throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans has alarmed the rest of Asia and caused countries in the region try their best to counter Beijing’s rise. by Mike Nudelman via Business Insider

'India, in particular, is wary of China’s apparent desire to expand its role and become a dominant naval player in the Indian Ocean. This concern over its own backyard has led to New Delhi and the US, two of the world’s largest militaries, inking a military cooperation agreement that would provide India with sensitive US military technology. According to a statement from the US Defense Department, the deal “agreed to expedite discussions to take forward cooperation on jet engines, aircraft carrier design and construction, and other areas.”

'India hopes to complete two indigenous carriers with US aid within the next decade, although one of those carriers has yet to progress out of the planning stage. This aid will help to quicken the pace of construction as well as contributing to the utility of future aircraft carriers within India’s navy. In addition, one of the key carrier technologies India is interested in is General Atomics’ Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS). EMALS works in concert with catapult assisted take-off but arrested recovery (CATOBAR) systems which are used aboard US Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, the most advanced carriers currently in the US fleet.

'This technology would allow Indian vessels to launch aircraft at a faster rate and with improved ease, compared to previous models. An EMALS and CATOBAR system would also allow Indian carriers to launch a range of heavy fighters and surveillance planes.'

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