June 07, 2015

"There is the old notion, attributed to Lu Xun, perhaps China’s most celebrated modern writer, that the Chinese consider foreigners to be either superior or inferior, but never equal."

Buffalo News It is fair to say that however China’s leaders assessed their country’s relative capabilities during its long economic and military overhaul, they do not now lack for confidence. By Dante Paradiso via Tribune News Service

'U.S. policies toward China over the past 40 years have largely been predicated on the theory that if we help China unlock its vast economic potential, China will eventually look more like us: capitalist and republican. In fact, China’s leadership took the opposite lesson from China’s success: the People’s Republic became wealthy and strong by not tilting westward.

'It is time for us as a country, public and private sector alike, to respect China fully for the global political, economic and military force it has again become. It will disrupt the status quo more than any other nation. We should discard outmoded ideas that the United States can counter, contain or manage China, and instead advance a positive, proactive agenda that lays out clearly what we want from the global reordering China has precipitated.
'In Asia, allies will play an important role in the regional security architecture, but beyond Asia, the United States must decide what the next iteration of the Pax Americana should look like. China will be in many places and work with many partners we do not expect. It is time to reconceptualize the global currency regime and the bottom-line objectives of the U.S. security umbrella for global trade.'

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