June 13, 2015

"The report said more people have access to essential health services today than at any other time in history..."

Manila Times Health expenses push 6 percent of people in low and middle income countries into extreme poverty, showed a new report released here Friday (Saturday in the Philippines) by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. via PNA/Xinhua

'Speaking at the report’s release, Tessa Tan Torres-Edejer, WHO coordinator of health systems financing, said that this equated to 69 million people who are tipped or further pushed into extreme poverty by health costs.

'“Lack of access is particularly severe among those who are poor and disadvantaged,” Torres-Edejer said.

'“Out of pocket expenditures are payments at the point where you access the service, where you’re at the facility and you have to pay up. They cause financial hardship,” Torres-Edejer said.

'The Tracking Universal Health Coverage report measures access to universal health coverage, around the world as well as financial hardship caused by health care costs.

'The report found that worldwide, 400 million people don’t have access to basic essential health services.'

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