June 30, 2015

“The improvement in wages is continuing, but the pace is only gradual...”

Wall Street Journal Working men in Japan have less money to spend on eating out or hobbies than at any time since 1982, according to an annual survey released this week by Shinsei Bank. By Eleanor Warnock

'Men on average have ¥37,642 ($307) in monthly pocket money, down ¥1,930 from last year, it found.

'They can blame an increase in the sales tax last year and higher prices for imported food due to a weaker currency, which have more than offset modest income gains, the bank said.

'More than three quarters of working men who responded to Shinsei Bank’s survey said they felt the sales-tax increase was a burden. That was up slightly from 73% last year, after it was raised from to 8% from 5% in April.'

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