June 20, 2015

"The Chinese ship could be seen sitting 3.5km from an elevated coral sediment feature called the Luconia breakers, well inside Malaysia’s 400-km exclusive economic zone..."

The Straits Times China's intrusion into Malaysian waters may have been more extensive than Kuala Lumpur has acknowledged, new surveillance photos have shown. By Raul Dancel

'A new satellite image posted on Friday (June 19) by current affairs website The Diplomat showed that a 4,000-tonne, 3401-class Chinese Coast Guard ship had been operating close to Luconia shoals 150km north of Malaysian Borneo.

'This is the same type of vessel China has used to wrestle control of Scarborough shoal from the Philippines in 2012, and to enforce a blockade around a Philippine-held position in Second Thomas shoal.'

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