June 13, 2015

“People think it’s witchcraft or unscientific nonsense...”

Telegraph A small Oxford-based company has become the first European drug maker to bring traditional Chinese medicine to the Western market, launching two EU-certified products this year before any of the big pharmaceutical giants managed to move into the potentially lucrative market. By Rebecca Burn-Callander

'Phynova’s joint and muscle relief tablet was given the green light in March, while its cold and flu remedy is likely to get the go-ahead within the next few months.

'“This is a big milestone for us and for Chinese medicines as a whole,” said chief executive Robert Miller, who founded the company 10 years ago. “The market for natural products is huge. Just walk into any Boots store and you’ll see the shelves across from the tills are full of supplements and natural products, which tells you they are best-sellers.”

'In 2004, the EU issued the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, which demanded that all products of this nature conformed to strict new guidelines by May 2011. “You may still see products around, being sold through Chinese herb shops, but technically they are not supposed to be sold any more,” says Mr Miller.'

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