June 07, 2015

"Malaysian social media users and some officials have suggested the quake was a sign tribal spirits were angry after a group of 10 apparently Western men and women tourists last weekend snapped nude photos at the summit and posted them on the Internet."

Rappler Hopes dimmed Sunday, June 7, for 6 people still missing after an earthquake at Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu triggered a "river of stones" that killed 13 climbers, with several Singaporean schoolchildren feared to be among the victims. by Satish Cheney via AFP

'An 80-member rescue team was dispatched in the morning to search a section of trail on the popular climbing peak that was obliterated in thunderous rockfalls set loose by Friday's (June 5) 6.0-magnitude quake, officials said.

'A local police official confirmed late Saturday, June 6, that 13 bodies had been recovered and 6 people – believed to include some primary school students from Singapore – remained missing.

'Authorities have so far given few details on the victims or the scenes encountered by search crews on the mountain, a popular tourist destination in Malaysia's Sabah state on Borneo island.

'But the local Kinabalu Today news portal quoted rescue personnel saying that full recovery of remains could be impossible as some were pinned under massive boulders or possibly swept to their deaths from the peak.

'Singapore's Straits Times newspaper said the body of one 12-year-old schoolgirl from the city-state had been identified and that 6 other pupils and two teachers are feared to be among the dead or missing.'

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