June 28, 2015

"It’s well-known that air pollution is a major problem in parts of China."

Rocket News 24 The situation has gone far enough that more and more organizations are beginning to fight back, trying to tackle the problem. by Bambi Minamino

'One such company is Xiao Zhu, who, in addition to producing air purifiers, has also taken up awareness-raising efforts. In their video titled “Breathe Again,” the company artistically projects the faces of children in pain onto the billowing white canvas of factory exhaust.

'According to the video, 500,000 people die annually from diseases stemming from air pollution and many of those people are children. As most of these cases occur behind closed doors, Xiao Zhu has decided to put images of the suffering out in the open.

'And for maximum exposure there is perhaps no bigger canvas to do so then the thick white smoke emerging from factories at a steady rate. After a series of babies and children crying, coughing, and gasping for breath, Xiao Zhu projects the Breathe Again catchphrase “Clean the air. Let the future breathe again.”'

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