June 09, 2015

"Huawei has spent millions of dollars attempting to burnish its public image outside China in recent years."

Australian Financial Review The telecommunications giant has sponsored sporting teams, hired lobbyists and set up research institutes in an attempt to portray itself as open and transparent. by Angus Grigg

'In reality it remains a paranoid and secretive organisation.

'The Australian Financial Review got a first hand look at this on Friday, as part of a government-organised tour which should have been an opportunity for Huawei to showcase its technology. Instead, things got a little crazy when the issue of national security was raised.

'In both English and Chinese, Huawei could not have looked more defensive. The problems began just minutes into a tour of the company's giant, low rise research and development campus on the edge of Shanghai.

'The facility houses 10,000 employees, yet is still not big enough for Huawei's ambitions, and apparently it can't be photographed. Soon after touring the canteen - it can seat 2,000 for lunch - photographers and camera crews were told no pictures were permitted inside its showroom for "security reasons".

'That prompted a little grumbling, but nothing major as a technology evangelist from the company talked us through advances in 5G and how it could be used to drive cars, fly drones and control robots.'

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