June 19, 2015

"Even as two women candidates intensified their campaign in Taiwan's presidential race, China has come out openly in favour of one of them."

Times of India One of the candidates is Hung Hsiu-chu of the Nationalists party and the pro-independence opposition Democratic Progressive Party's is Tsai Ing-wen. by Saibal Dasgupta via TNN

'Tsai is known for her campaign for Taiwan's independence and opposition towards China's attempts to influence the country's future. Hung, who advocates a pro-China policy, is close to securing the Nationalists' nomination very soon.

'"We welcome any Taiwan party or person as long as they oppose Taiwan independence, recognize the 1992 consensus and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations," Ma Xiaoguang, China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said in a statement carried by the official Xinhua news agency.

'The "1992 consensus" refers to Beijing's cherished "one China" principle that includes Taiwan as part of China. But Ma also maintained, "We do not get involved in, or comment on, the Taiwan election".
 'Tsai was leading with a 50.2 percent support in an opinion poll last Wednesday. Hung's pro-China support base stood at 29.3 percent, according to the Cross-Strait Policy Association.'  

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