June 16, 2015

"Chinese cinema-goers will get their first taste of Star Wars on the big screen, a long time after they got their first airing in a country far, far away."

Joe When the first installment in the original trilogy debuted in the 70s, Western cinema was not on the agenda in China, and the country's film fans missed out on a staple of sci-fi. by Tom Victor

'However, as the release of Star Wars Episode 7 draws ever closer, organisers of the Shanghai International Film Festival have decided to make up for lost time.

'The original trilogy will get an airing, as well as the more recently-released prequels, as countless fans get to experience one of cinema's most famous series in the way it was always intended.

'After seeing some of the reactions to the new trailer, we can only imagine what kind of a response the original movies will receive.'

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