March 27, 2015

People Smuggling

Shanghai Daily THREE members of a people-smuggling gang have been sentenced to prison terms for their roles in helping more than 50 people gain entry to South Korea on fake documents, Jing’an District People’s Court said yesterday. By Ke Jiayun

'The leaders of the gang, surnamed Chu and Wang, were sentenced to seven and five years, respectively, while an accomplice, surnamed Li, was sentenced to an unspecified term.

'The court heard that Chu and Wang contacted Li, who worked for an agency that found work for farmers, and offered to help smuggle them into South Korea on counterfeit tourist visas.

'The clients were each charged 5,000 yuan (US$805) for the falsified documents and a further 35,000 yuan if they made it past South Korean immigration officials, the court heard.

'More than 50 people entered South Korea on fake papers, most of whom have been repatriated.'

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