March 27, 2015

"I am hoping this case might set a precedent for other Uighurs."

Hurriyet Daily News A family of suspected Uighur Muslims, among hundreds detained in Thailand since last year, will Friday learn their fate in a court case that has sparked a diplomatic wrangle between Turkey and China. via AFP

'Both countries are seeking the repatriation of the family, who use the surname Teklimakan and claim they are Turkish.
'They were detained by Thai police in March 2014 after illegally entering the country along its eastern border with Cambodia.
'That same month dozens of migrants also thought to be from China's mostly Muslim Uighur minority were discovered during a raid on a suspected people-smuggling camp in the kingdom's deep south and sentenced for illegal entry.
'They similarly presented themselves to police as Turkish.
'The 17 Teklimakan family members -- including 13 children of whom two were born in custody -- were issued passports by the Turkish embassy while in detention. But China has insisted they are Uighurs from its restive northwest region of Xinjiang.'

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