January 17, 2015

Architect Thom Mayne demolishing Bradbury's house...

Melville House Ray Bradbury‘s home in the Cheviot Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles, where the science fiction pioneer lived and wrote for 50 years, is being torn down by the developer who bought the historic home for $1.76 million in June of last year. by Alex Shephard

'According to The Los Angeles Times's Carolyn Kellogg, the home was filled with original details, such as built-in bookcases, that surrounded Bradbury for much of his life.” Bradbury’s beloved cat Hally—named after Bradbury’s favorite holiday, Halloween—is buried in the backyard. While these flourishes, along with the house’s historical significance, would understandably speak to many buyers, that was sadly not the case for award-winning architect Thom Mayne—the architect who designed the New Academic Building at Cooper Union, San Francisco’s Federal Building, and the Morse Courthouse in Eugene, Oregon—who purchased the house. It’s unclear why the “starchitect” decided to demolish the home or what he has planned for the property.

'In one of the interviews included in The Last Interview, Bradbury also discusses the inspiration for Farenheit 451—the need to preserve spaces devoted to culture and literature: “Libraries were the center of my life, and they were so precious to me. I wanted to protect them. So it was quite natural I wrote a book about the future in which libraries were endangered.”'

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