December 02, 2014


I was listening to Piya Chattopadhyay interview Aasif Mandvi on Q, and I realized that actors aren't the only ones who can benefit from writing memoirs. I always treated memoirs as a kind of joke rather than a real genre. I thought of them as self-indulgent at best and solipsistic at worst. However, I now see the good in writing about oneself. In fact, I think that the government could make it mandatory for every American--three memoirs must be submitted to Social Security admin before you can collect your retirement from government. Moreover, one must also attend writers-workshops once a week for your whole living life. Diverse workshops with more than one other ethnicity. Workshop leader can rotate. But the importance of this connects to selfies. Because an image is worth a thousand words, one must write three memoirs (1,200,000 words) to match the number of your damn selfies on the wants 'selfless' rather than selfies, here. Go figure.

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