March 24, 2014

"Vanishing Ice became more than a museum show through its combination of historic paintings, drawings and book illustrations with contemporary art works."

Vancouver Sun "Works from the past mingled with the present to bring out the best in each other." by Kevin Griffin

'That allowed for Noble’s photo of a cruise ship in the Antarctic to flicker between being a work of art with aesthetic qualities and as a conceptual illustration of the exhibition’s idea.

'In the exhibition, the educational and curatorial value Das Eismeer trumped its artistic value. Once called Polar Sea, the painting was said to depict ice from the North Pole crushing a ship. But Friedrich never visited the North Pole and the dramatic, architectural pile of ice in the centre of the painting was based on studies of ice flows on the Elbe. It was a work of the imagination as much as Noble’s surreal photograph of the Antarctic.

'Vanishing Ice  heads to the El Paso Museum of Art before going to the McMichael Collection in Kleinberg, Ontario.'

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