March 21, 2014

"The Barents Region is topping international statistics on alcohol consumption."

Barents Observer "And the further north you go, the more frequent are the toasts." By Atle Staalesen

'In Finland, people in the northernmost region of Lapland consume almost 30 percent more alcohol than the national average. In 2012, the average per person consumption of pure alcohol in the region amounted to 10,7 liters, which is two liters more than in the neighboring region of Kainuu and almost three liters more than in Northern Ostrobotnia (Oulu), figures from the National Institute of Health and Welfare show.
'In Russia, figures on distilled beverages show a similar situation with far higher consumption in northern regions compared with the national average. In Murmansk Oblast, the average per person consumption in 2012 amounted to 17,20 liters. Consumption is the highest in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where per person consumption of distilled alcohol in 2012 amounted to 25,8 liters and in the Komi Republic where the figure was 24,1 liter. The Russian national average pure alcohol consumption was 15,6 liters per person in 2012.

'Norway and Sweden do not have regional figures on alcohol consumption. However, national figures from the countries’ statistical offices show a consumption of 6,21 and 9,20 liters of pure alcohol per person respectively in year 2012.'

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