March 24, 2014

"Artist and photographer Diane Burko is not interested in painting quiet pretty landscapes..."

newsworks "...her canvases are about melting glaciers, eroded mountain ranges and large fragments of ice floating in chaotic waters." By Elisabeth Perez-Luna

'She is interested in showing the forces that are shaping change in nature and to do so, she works closely with scientists who are documenting and measuring our planet's environmental transformations.'

'Along the walls of Burko's ample studio in Center City, Philadelphia, there are half a dozen paintings in progress. Her work table has a rich palette of white, green and blue paints. All flat surfaces are filled with topographic charts, official aerial photos, fat volumes of statistical studies from NASA and U.S. Geological Surveys and lots of maps.

'This is clearly a place where art and science live together and inform each other. She describes the painting she is working on.

'"It's a diptych. On one side is a map of Antarctica with a landscape based on photos I took on a recent trip to Antarctica," explains Burko, "and on the right is a graph about how ice melts in different parts of the world, there are no dates or numbers. It's just an implication, just a graphic thing and there's also color lines."'

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