January 10, 2014

"The US state department on Thursday accorded Khobragade full diplomatic immunity..."

Times of India "The United States and India put a lid on a torrid month-long diplomatic fiasco, agreeing on Thursday to remove controversial Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade from New York, without prosecuting her, despite a criminal indictment by US attorney Preet Bharara." by Chidanand Rajghatta via TNN
 'For the record, the state department formally asked New Delhi to waive immunity for Khobragade even as Bharara filed the indictment. New Delhi refused, and therefore Washington requested her departure from the United States.

'Typical of the muddled choreography and posturing on all sides, Bharara initially told the court that Khobragade had already left the United States on Thursday afternoon on the basis of what the state department had told him. But after Khobragade's attorney Daniel Arshack contested it and said she was still at home with her husband and children, the prosecution clarified that she had not departed the United States at that time.

'Arshack later confirmed that Khobragade left the US "with her head held high." Sources said that meant she had not formally been expelled or declared persona non grata, which would have involved giving her a deadline to leave the country. Both sides had come to a mutual agreement that she would be withdrawn from the United States without the charges being dropped.'

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