January 10, 2014

"The arrest of Khobragade, who was India's deputy consul general in New York, caused outrage in her home country..."

The Guardian "A serious row between Washington and India appeared to move towards conclusion on Thursday after a high-tension drama resulted in the effective expulsion of a diplomat from the US hours after she was granted immunity from charges of visa fraud and underpaying her maid." by Jason Burke in Delhi and Dan Roberts in Washington

'Though John Kerry, the US secretary of state, expressed regret shortly after the incident, this fell short of the apology demanded by Indians.

'Khobragade's father, Uttam Khobragade, a retired bureaucrat, said: "Devyani today left the US with full diplomatic immunity, vindicating the stand that whatever dispute being raised in the US is a prerogative of [the] sovereign country, India, and only can be adjudicated by Indian courts."

'With the always complex relationship between Washington and Delhi under serious strain, senior US officials have postponed trips to India while Indian officials have continued to express their “deep disappointment” against a background of continuing public anger.'

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