January 10, 2014

"Khobragade herself remains unapologetic."

Quartz "Khobragade’s arrest sparked wide-spread protests in Delhi and has sparked a series of retaliatory actions against US officials in India, including the removal of the barricades around the US embassy in Delhi and, reportedly, a tax audit of US diplomats." By Heather Timmons

'Even with her return to India, the strongly worded full indictment (pdf) offers a series of harsh allegations that could exacerbate diplomatic tensions. According to the grand jury, Khobragade agreed to terms of employment for Richard that she “knew violated US laws;” made a fake employment contract to be presented to the US Embassy, which resulted in Richard getting a visa; illegally underpaid and “exploited” Richard, giving her a wage that amounted to less than $1.50 an hour; and tried to strong arm her into signing a fake document in front of US immigration officials. She also lied to Indian authorities and courts, the US grand jury found.

'One section, called “Khobragade’s evolving story” details how Khobragade may have actually helped to indict herself:  in a filing to the High Court in India, she included a copy of the police report filed against Richard in India, which said that she would be “paid a monthly salary of 30,000 rupees,” providing evidence that she was severely underpaying the woman, according to US law.

'Indian authorities have been calling for an apology from the US for Khobragade’s arrest, which the damning grand jury indictment makes clear is unlikely to happen. While US authorities may view not putting Khobragade on trial, and possibly in prison, as a win for India, Indian officials are unlikely to see it that way.'

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