September 30, 2013

"After eluding the police in Belize and being arrested in neighboring Guatemala in late 2012, McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee is ready for his next adventure."

PC World "This time around, McAfee is taking on a far more difficult adversary than Central American law enforcement: the U.S. National Security Agency."

'During the recent C2SV conference in San Jose, McAfee teased plans for a new device he is working on—called D-Central—that promises to bring better security and privacy to our online lives. McAfee hasn’t released many technical details about the gadget, but from the sounds of it, D-Central will be a mashup between a personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot like the MiFi and a Pirate Box.  

'If you haven’t heard of the latter, a Pirate Box is a mobile device capable of creating a local wireless network that nearby users connect to via Wi-Fi. The beauty of the Pirate Box is that it doesn’t connect directly to the Internet. Instead, a Pirate Box is only accessible to computers within range of the signal. Users can then use a Pirate Box network for secure online messaging and file sharing. The Pirate Box was originally designed by David Darts, Associate Professor and Chair of the New York University Art Department.

'McAfee’s product wants to take the best aspects of both the hotspot and the Pirate Box to let you share files publicly and anonymously with users nearby, as well as chat privately with people you know.'

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