March 11, 2012

"It's certainly not a new pilgrimage for Sunshine State surfers schooled strictly in small waves."

ESPN Action Sports "Greg Loehr's tall, lanky frame fit perfectly at Pipe in the mid '70s." By Nick McGregor

'Jeff Crawford translated his Sebastian Inlet kingpin status into a win over Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell at the 1974 Pipeline Masters. In the late '80s, Cocoa Beach's Todd Holland shocked and awed his fellow WCT competitors there. Daytona Beach's Dwayne Maki dominated the '95 HIC Pipeline Pro. And Slater himself didn't completely ascend to his most-complete-surfer-on-the-planet throne until winning the '92 Pipe Masters. Meanwhile, goofyfoots Damien and CJ Hobgood have both bagged repeat quarter and semifinal finishes there over the years.

'Outside of those veterans, the list of Florida boys excelling at Pipe has more recently revolved around New Smyrna Beach surfers: 18-year-old prodigy Evan Geiselman, his older brother Eric, and their good friends Jeremy Johnston, Devon Tresher, and Nils Schweizer. In 2008, Tresher quietly earned a perfect 10 and eventual quarterfinal berth in the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro, and in 2010, Schweizer matched that at the newly christened Volcom Pipe Pro, overshadowed only by North Carolina's Brett Barley, who made the semifinals.'

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