August 12, 2011

San Clemente surfing circa 2005

San Clemente Journal "Not since the McNulty brothers has San Clemente been so blessed with such a surfing triumvirate. The twins, Dane and Patrick Gudauskas, have lately become the proud recipients of the Silver Medallion Award for their consistent skills, honors, conduct and sincere sportsmanship over the past five years, including laurels received from the 2003-04 NSSA Nationals, where each twin won the Governor’s Cup." By Coach Benner Cummings

'It is interesting to note that no NSSA Senior Men’s Champion has ever repeated winning that men’s title since Kilani Robb of Hawaii in 1994. Mike Losness tried in 1999, losing to Fred Patacchia from Hawaii. Maybe the hardest victory to earn is that of a defending champion. Patrick Gudauskas, winner in 2003, lost to brother Dane in 2004.'

'The younger San Clemente surfers now long for these glories, amongst them, brother Tanner Gudauskas and a skilled Dane Ward. Both are stars on Coach Hartman’s champion teams and are members of the USA National Junior Men’s team as well. Other San Clemente locals like Casey Landvogt, Troy Motherhead, Jason Miller, Trevor Saunders, Chris Watt and eleven-year-old Kolohe Andino continue striving to improve. And add those gifted women surfers, Colleen Mehlberg and Lexi Papillion to the list of those SC surfers waiting in the wings, biding their time – watching, surfing, loving the sport for all its freshness, camaraderie and athletic grace. These are the individuals who keep the colorful surfing industry ever growing. The poet John Milton paid quiet tribute to their likes when he wrote these salient lines, “They also serve who stand and watch and wait.”'

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