July 02, 2011

Will Lucas

Beachcomber "Surf documentarian Will Lucas defies the stereotype of a lazy, slacker surfer dude." by Ethan Rothstein

'His fourth documentary, "Surfing at Summer's End," which hits the shelves in local surf shops this month, took him three years to complete. He compiled more than 6,000 films, photographs, documents and interviews with local surf legends like Bill Wise, Skill Johnson, Mary Strudwick Wagstaff and Roxie Houston Brown.

'Lucas admits that "75 percent of surfers won't like my movie" because it's directed at the baby boomer crowd that established the Delmarva surfing scene in the late 1960s and early '70s. Lucas, 65, is a native of the Washington area and used to visit the Maryland-Delaware coast every weekend in the early '60s before he was drafted in 1965.'

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