July 20, 2011

Wikipedia entry on Aaron Swartz

"At age 14, he was a co-author of the RSS 1.0 specification. Since then he has become a member of the W3C's RDF Core Working Group, co-designed the formatting language Markdown with John Gruber, and has been involved in many other projects."

'Swartz was the founder of Infogami, a startup that was part of Y Combinator's first Summer Founders Program. Previously, he attended Stanford University for a year, leaving to work on his company full-time. Infogami merged with reddit to form not a bug but failed to take off.

'In late 2006, reddit was sold to CondéNet (the online arm of Condé Nast Publications and the owners of Wired) and Swartz moved with his company to San Francisco. In January 2007, Swartz was asked to resign from his position at Wired Digital.

In September 2007, Swartz, together with Simon Carstensen, launched Jottit, a website service quite similar to Infogami. Jottit was launched from bitbots.net, a project by Swartz and Carstensen. Swartz is also the creator of the web.py web application framework, based on the Python programming language, which is used by Jottit (and previously reddit).

'Swartz is an active blogger and has written a number of widely read essays on his blog. Two of his most well-known pieces are "Who Writes Wikipedia", an article examining the contributions to Wikipedia articles written during his candidacy for the Wikimedia Foundation board election in 2006, and "HOWTO: Be More Productive", an article on personal productivity.

'Swartz currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts He works on watchdog.net and is on the board of Change Congress, and previously worked on Open Library.'

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